Linds Ham. <3 (oxxcyanidexxo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Linds Ham. <3

DS/DT: BTSSB Pink Tartan JSK, Meta Yellow Print Skirt.

Hello all! Looking to sell some stuff to make money for Otakon, or trade for new things to wear to Otakon! (Cause I need new stuff to wear, haha. Really.)

~ Paypal only please! Specify if you use CC or non-CC.
~ I will ship world wide! Please inquire for international shipping quotes.
~ Comment with any questions.
~ I DO ACCEPT TRADES, I am looking for any solid colored JSK's, Skirts, or any AP Cutsews/Boleros/Cardigans. Nothing in Sax or blue please, pink, black, yellow, mint are preferred!!! :D

BTSSB PInk and Blue Tartan JSK. --- SOLD!!!


Metamorphose Yellow Cherry Print Skirt



This skirt is sooooo lovely. The colors are so rich. I have worn it three or four times and it is still in great condition! Fully shirred! I would keep it, but the cutsew/shirt I had that matched it perfect got ruined in the wash. D: So, I'll put it up for sale since extra money right now is really nice. Accepting trades though!

Selling for $75!


I also have the BTSSB LP Camisole for sale in pink. --- SOLD!!! :D

Thanks for looking!


Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose

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