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Original Lolita Jewelry for DS

I have 4 handmade necklaces for sale. I have one very similar to these Alice Bunny ones and it is my favorite necklace! I just love it. But I will skip rambling on about how much I love them and just show them to you.

Prices do not include shipping but do include Paypal fees (I hate when people charge extra for those!).

Alice Bunny Cameo Necklace #1

This necklace features the famous white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, late as usual, on a lovely off-white cameo with antique silver metalwork. It has a unique mixture of chain and pearls and stones for a vintage look. Very cute with a highneck blouse or sweater or with an open neckline! It closes in back with a strong magnetic closure for an easy yet reliable clasp, and measures approximately 17 inches long.


Alice Bunny Cameo Necklace #2

This necklace also features our favorite bunny in a beautiful ornate cameo with antiqued silver chain. The simple yet intriguing design goes with any outfit, and would be gorgeous with a mature gothic or classic style. This necklace fastens in back with a decadent hook and eye clasp, and measures approximately 16 inches long.


Alice Bunny Cameo Necklace #3

This pearl version also has antiqued silver metalwork and iridescent beads mixed in. It fastens in back with a strong magnetic closure, and measures approximately 16 inches.


Pink Gold Double Chain Crown Key & Lock Necklace

This shiny gold necklace has a slightly pink tiny to the metalwork and features cute crown charms with shiny crystals in them, as well as shiny cut glass beads that catch the light and the eye! This necklace fastens with a strong magnetic clasp and measures approximately 20 inches long for the inner chain, and 24 inches long for the outer chain.

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