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Selling both premade and custom headwear ♥


I'm selling everything from headbands to minihats over here:
Prices lowered on some older items and new items added! Shipping cost already included :]

Right now I have five commission slots open~ My prices range from 20$- 40$ including shipping- you can view past examples of my work on my flickr:

I work pretty quickly so if you need something in a hurry, speak up! If you tell me when you need your order we can definately work something out :] Otherwise I'd say it would take about a week and a half tops from when you pay to when I ship.

-I use priority shipping unless you request otherwise- it will cost more if you want confirmed, first class or the other options.
-If you have any questions feel free to ask them here, or you can contact me either on this journal, or at my email fuann@myastound dot net
- I ship from San Mateo CA in the US
- I accept paypal, money order and concealed cash- in the case of the later two- it is not my responsibility if your money gets lost in the mail.
- I will start working on your order only after I recieve payment
- Although I don't mind making replicas of brand items or past work, keep in mind I might not have the same exact materials on hand.

Thankyou for looking♥
Tags: !afc, !ds, handmade

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