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DS: ALL items are included shipping

Baby the stars shine bright white poodle pouch /pen case           USD$31= HKD$246.5         shipped

Super Lovers LOGO jacket                        USD$32= HKD$254.45         shipped

Shirley Temple cherry belt             USD$45= HKD$357.82         shipped

Off brand yellow dots skirt                 USD$31= HKD$246.5         shipped 

All items are included shipping! (USD$3.5=HKD$28  will be added if ship to South America)
Other items are available!
I am taking whoever can pay first!
No trades, exchange, returns,refund, and claims
Paypal + 4.5% (I will send the invoice in HKD, sorry for the inconvenient. Please let me know if you want your invoice in USD)
I will add USD$3.2=HKD$26 for tracking number in the invoice, if you dont need it, please let me know before I send your invoice, I will not add it in the amount. I will response any items get lost or damaged unless the item has tracking. OtherwiseI will not response any items get lost or damaged.
Feel free to ask questions.
Tags: baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose, putumayo, shirley temple, super lovers

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