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afc: $5 bows and wtt: lace-y ruffle-y pink frilly dress

TRADE or maybe selling:
Size M
Brand: Westmend
Use: Once, for 3 hours or so
Flaws: None
Reason for trading/selling: Friends that bought a matching dress to wear it together leave ama lolita ;-;
Description: Very fluffy (I didnt wear any petticoat) but this dress is heavy and has lots of layers, its soft and has elastic empire waist (THIS DRESS IS NOT FULLY SHIRRED) so its pretty much free size of shirring and a waist ties on the back so it could go on variety of sizes. I am 5 feet and its too long for me. Has lots of laces and ruffles.
Bought for.. I think $220? I have the original tag somewhere.

Stuff to say:
I accept Paypal
I ship with first class (could be tracked and/or insured by the buyer's will)
Now get on with the example of the one I am available for commission for:

This is just to show you that I can do two types of scalloped stitch. The first one (Upper left) and second one (Down left and right side)

 Made from soft flannel.
It can be detachable bows for skirts and shirts and also can be head eating bow or two small hair clips thing.
The bow itself will be $5, please tell me what do you want them as so i can add the price of the thing (like the headband, clips, etc) or you can just buy the bow =D
I can add pearls and laces, please inquire for the type of pearls and laces and prices =D
Hope I dont forget anything >.< Sorry for the bad English ;-;
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