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DS: GosuRori Sewing Books 3-9, US Seller!

Hey everyone! I'm selling more stuff!

So here's the Deal, Kids!: Shipping in the US is included in the price. If you live outside the US, I will ship to you, but shipping will be more. Also, I will gladly combine shipping if you buy multiple items from me! ^_^ Check out my awesome ebay feedback! I’m a blue star now. ^_^

I accept Paypal, money orders, and concealed cash, but I will not be responsible if the cash is stolen in the mail. My paypal account is at

GosuRori 3-6 - $25 each shipped
GosuRori 7-9 - $20 each shipped
All in excellent condition! Patterns are still attached to the spine, have never been removed or used. GosuRori 3-6 are more expensive because they're out-of-print. They include sewing patterns, jewelry and hat-making instructions, and also have pictures of brand goodies (a page for each brand, kind of like Gothic Lolita Bible but not so much space is devoted to the brand clothes section)

You can see scans of GosuRori 3-7 on the following website:


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