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FS: Masquerade Lolita Dress with Mask for this Halloween!



Okay, some of you may have seent this picture post on the main EGL. I am very happy to be offering up this dress for sale, I wish I could keep it but I really do not have an event to wear it to so I thought it would be better in a more usefull situation.

Details, information, pictures and sizing are as follows below. If you have any questions or would like to buy this dress and mask please email me at hideousmy@yahoo.com

Picture Notes: I have a deflated petticoat hence the..well..deflated look of the skirt. However it is a very full skirt and would work well with practically any petti.

This dress is very unique in that it uses alot of different not so often used in lolita materials. The dress is fully lined and features a two layer skirt. The first layer is made up of "patchworked" black satin material with contrasting white seams and the bottom layer is a white and black floral cotton printed with large doiley rondels. Each layer has tons of ruffles. The back of the dress is fully shirred and has a very sturdy and comfortable fit. Decorating the bodice on the front and lower backare matching black satin fabric flowers with fuax pearls. The dress is longer at the back then at the front and has a very elegant drape and overall look. All seams are serged.
The mask is a half face mask that is secured by a thin black elastic tie, light weight and easy to wear!

Bust 36-37
Waist: 28 or lower
Hip: Free

Price: $110 + shipping ( no more then 7 dollars)
Payment: Paypal please

I hope this dress can find a good home and be shown off this halloween! Please email me
hideousmy@yahoo.com if you would like to buy this dress!

For those interested in a commission please take a look at my journal, its in a very messy construction period but I do have one design up so far, post questions too there if you have any!

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