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AC - high quality photo manipulation

I am trying to make some extra money by doing art comissions  for my trip to japan! These works take a lot longer than drawings, since realism is the most important thing to achieve, therefore I hope you find my prices reasonable.

Please note that I have not made many works with lolitas as models but here are 2 examples.. I can make art with you dressed as anything you like. :) most of my works are gothic, but I can do fantasy/sweet/normal things too!

Original photo by 0kia0

original photo : http://fc05.deviantart.com/fs31/i/2008/229/4/2/Sweet_Lolita_18_by_Kechake_stock.jpg


Simple photomanipulation $16 US

Includes: girl in foreground, simple background, and 1 or 2 extras.
Examples: http://fc09.deviantart.com/fs49/f/2009/154/b/9/b9b58f471e9f32ec8cea741d9c207aa2.jpg

Standard photomanipulation $25 US

Includes: girl in foreground, detailed background, some digital painting and extras.
Examples: http://fc06.deviantart.com/fs29/f/2008/152/b/0/b05b7ebe7575aa016325c2e40a1be229.jpg

Advanced photomanipulation $38 US

Includes: high-end retouching, large amount of digital painting, special effects, very detailed.
Examples: http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs45/f/2009/089/4/9/49629bab0d0e8c72b6e3cd1fd94a3fe5.jpg

Things I will need:
1. A large resolution photo of yourself in your desired pose.
2. Please state specific colours, themes, background, extras (birds, ribbons, branches, etc..) that you would like.
3. Payment will be made via paypal beforeI complete the work,  and then send it to you. I will leave it at the highest resolution that I can, so you can print it out if you want! :D

Please note that by getting a comission done, this does not mean you have the right to "steal" the work and put it all over the internet with no credit, or sell it. It is still copyrighted to me. The image is for you and you only!! (If you'd like to send a friend's picture to be photomanipped and give it to them as a present that's fine too.) I hope you understand my reasons.

Thank you :)
P.S. If you'd like to see more examples of my work here is my deviantART account: http://julijaaa.deviantart.com/
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