ateip (ateip) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB - Any brand JSKs/OPs

I was looking to buy a brand JSK/OP (any brand and any theme really), that would accomodate up to an 89cm bust (approximately) and a 75-76cm waist (depends on the time of day, LOL). Preferably not with sleeves or with short sleeves however... 30-degree heat makes for no sleeves... I live in Australia, and I can pay by Paypal immediately, it doesn't perturb me where you are in the world! I posted looking for a formal JSK before, but I've given up on a formal one, hence my making this post. Please comment if you have something you're interested in selling, it would be positively super! Thankyou very much! I don't think I've missed anything out, but please tell me if I have. Thankyou!

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