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After being stood up and lied to the first time I tried to meet a fellow, lolita near me, I sort of slid down hill.  I am leaving the fashion for now and selling my things.

I only accept paypal.

Black Nylon Pettiecoat
Length: 23in
Waist: 23.5 - 32

In The Starlight Poof Pettie
Length: 15in
Waist: 32in - 56in

Meta Pettie thing.
Really doesn't offer poof too much.  It's supposed to be worn with the high waist dresses.  ^_^
Length: 22in
Waist: 22in - 37in

Meta A-line
Length: 34in
Not recommended for large busts or anyone over 5'4"

White Momo's Handicrafts shoes
Size: 9.5
They have been worn one time for about three minutes to see how they looked.  I was planning to wear them with my first ever complete outfit but I got stood up and lied to.  I love these shoes but I get pissed off every time I look at them.

Apple Sugar Alice Bow
Yes the lace is both white and off white >.>

Mini crowns
The small one is missing  one of the little dangle things thanks to an inconsiderate person, I circled that part, and one of the hoops on the inside base is gone.
Small: $9
large: $13

Bags of thread skeins
They are filled with brand new thread skeins ready for embroidery or free handed cross stitch.
$12 each

White Parasol

Over the knee socks.
Worn one time for about two hours around the house waiting.

Meta Knee high socks
They are worn and one was repaired in the front

Seriously, I just want it all gone.  -.-


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