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DS: BL & print sock, rose bracelet, montreal , offbrand shoe, candy, music note, heart shape bag

*All prices are in USD
*Accept PAYPAL, please add 4.5%paypal fee
*Prices are mostly written for US buyers, other places may need to add extra postage.
*Feel free to ask question^_^

Sock - S001
$17 USD
Shipping: US$2, elsewhere $3


Sock - S002
$17 USD
Shipping: US$2, elsewhere $3

Sock - S003
$17 USD
Shipping: US$2, elsewhere $3

For sock S001, S002, and S003,
if you purchase 2 socks or more, you will receive a free headband.

Single Side Bow
Color: Pink / Black
Original Price is $10USD shipped everywhere

Bodyline Sock     Proof of ownership
Condition; New
Color: White / Pink /
Shipping: US$2, elsewhere $3

Rose Bracelet 

Color: White / Pink
$17 USD
Shipping: US$2, elsewhere$3
First 3 buyers may receive a free headband as well.


Color: Light Pink / White / Black
Size: 34-39 
$55USD shipped with tracking


Secret Shop Replica S1B
Color: Black / Pink / White
Size: 34 - 3
$56USD shipped with tracking.
Just to make it clear, it's the replica of secret shop, not real secret shop.

*Item above are repost after 4 weeks.

$85 USD shipped with tracking
$69USD shipped with tracking

Color: White / Black / Pink / Blue
Size: Euro 34 - 43
cheapper prices from today until July 16.

Candy Bag
Color: Pink x White    OR      pink x Black
$61USD shipped with tracking


AP Replica Heart Shape Bag
Color: Pink / Blue / Black
$59USD shipped with tracking

Music Note Circular Box
Size: 16.5cm high, 15cm D
Color: Black / Red/ Pink
$67USD shipped with tracking

Tags: !ds, bodyline, montreal, offbrand

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