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VM OP less than $100 shipped, desperately need to make room in my closet!

Sales time

I really need the money right now so no trades and I do accept lower offers :)
Priority goes to whoever offers the most not necessarily whoever leaves their paypal address first
I ship from the US but list international shipping prices as well
I have over 30+ positive feedback on the database
I accept Paypal
Items are shipped either first class or parcel post depending on the weight
If you pay more I can ship faster with insurance otherwise it is not included


Metamorphose striped skirt
This is one of my favorite skirts but sadly I just don't wear it.
There are a few tiny spots on the front of the skirt, I stain removed them and then washed the skirt. I could not even pick them up on
the photo because they're so light but the price does reflect that.

There is a shirring panel on the front and it closes and opens on each side with six buttons. It also has a removal set of ties for a bow in the back
Waist: 24"-28"
Length: 22" including lace 20.5" without lace

Price: $45
Shipping: $6 in the US $9 international

Sold Thanks!


Meta LP skirt new with tags. It is very slightly offwhite but with a white petticoat it looks perfectly white as in the photo.

Waist: 20"-32"
Length: 22" including lace

Price: $30
Shipping: $6 in the US $9 international

Sold thanks!


Meta LP bolero and offbrand navy skirt.
Since someone asked I thought it would be good to clarify. The skirt is a slightly different color than the bolero fabric but it is the same color as the ribbon on the bolero (on the front and sleeves)
The bolero is new with tags and the skirt is brand new as well.

Bust: 28"-36"
Waist: 26"-36"
Length: 16"
Price: $35
Shipping: $5 in the US $8 international

Waist: 24"-32"
Length: 20.5"
Price: $15 by itself or $8 with the bolero.
Shipping: $8 in the US or $12 international (sorry it's quite heavy)

If you buy both the shipping cost will just be $8 international or $12 international

Sold Thanks!


Magical Etoile replica beret
Purchased second off the community ages ago but only wore it once. They were the second owner and purchased it new handmade.
It looks like the previous owner cut out ribbons that were in place up underneath but it is not noticable when worn and it stayed on perfect for me without them.

Price: $17 shipped worldwide
$13.5 shipped worldwide

Sold Thanks!


Red revamped tank top, very stretchy and comfortable with heart buttons.
I meant to make it a Putumayo type replica but never got around to printing on it.
Length: 23.5"
Bust and waist: 24"-39"

Price: $10 shipped worldwide
Price: $8 shipped worldwide

Sold Thanks!


Homemade apron (sorry pink skirt not included!)
I made it over a year ago and it's certainly not low quality it just has some crooked seams on the waistband.
It has a fixed waist size and attachs with buttons on the back behind the bow. None of the bows are removal.
Waist: 27.5"-29"
Length: 14.5"

Price: $20 shipped worldwide
Price: $16 shipped worldwide


I purchased this handmade from someone else on the community but added my own touches to it. I redid the shirring panel in the back, added the ruffle and venice lace and redid the waistband to sew in the lining. It has a side zipper and button and the bow is removal and movable on a saftey pin.

Length: 22"
Waist: 26"-29"

Price: $30
Price: $24
Shipping: $8 in the US $12 international


Victorian Maiden OP
Purchased from Yahoo Japan, washed, and only tried on.
Bust: 32"-34" or so. Can probably fit 35" but will be snug.
Waist: 26"-29"
There is no stretch or shirring

Price: $112 shipped in the US $116 shipped international
Price: $89 shipped in the US $92.8 shipped international

Sold Thanks!


Thanks for looking!

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