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Accessoires :) Meta antique bouquet bonnet, baby Pour Lolita ring, Surface Spell feathery headdress

A few remarks:

- Prices are listed incl. shipping.
Payment can be made via Paypal or Banktransfer if you're from Germany/Europe.

- I have positive feed-back at

- The condition of the garmens are marked with up to three "+", which means:
"+++" = seldom/never worn, without stains (might be wrinkled though).
"++" = looks a bit worn but otherwise in good condition
"+" = not really good, but still has life in it, no rips but may be stained.

- No smoker/pets household :)

- Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions! I will answer asap :)


1.Baby the Stars shine bright "Pour Lolita" ring in red x gold, condition: +++

Price: 27€

It is a vivid red and not peach!

The diameter is about 1,5 cm:

2. Surface Spell headdress with a rose, rhinestones and feather in MmM-blue, condition: +

Price: 15€

Honestly, this is NOT wellmade. I tried to fotograph the back side but my cellphone camera is too crappy. In the backside there is quite a bit of glue (it was used to attach the feathers and is hardened, not sticky anymore). The damage can't be seen when you wear it but if you take it off you shouldn't look at the backside too closely. Such a pity, since it looks really nice on the outside.

3. Metamorphose antique bouquet bonnet, condition: ++
Price: 45€

This is a very beautiful bonnet and an impulse buy.

Thank you for looking!.
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