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SS: ETC, ST, VM fabric ★★★ DS: Bodyline blouse, VW orb replica necklace, GLP skoodie, Offbrand socks

!please read

Non-cc paypal preferred
For cc-paypal, buyer pays fees
Local buyers may pay via ibanking / meetup / post
☆ I ship from Singapore via tracked airmail
☆ Prices are in usd and do not include shipping
☆ I can be reached at furry.fruitcake[at] if you have any questions

Feedback: My LJ,DoA

layout credit

Emily Temple Cute - Omocha Print

Measurements: 112cm wide
☆ Price: $10/m
☆ Colours: Bordeaux only

Cake, strawberries, bunka dolls, rocking horses, fancy cutlery and cute bunnies... this print if full of lovable toys!

Please note that there is a possibility of getting a few slightly lighter streaks as highlighted above. However, they are not very noticeable and do not detract from the overall look of the fabric.

You can also see more closet child photos of the dress in black here

Shirley Temple - Cooking Lulu

Measurements: 112cm wide
☆ Price: $10/m
☆ Colours:
Pale yellow and light pink (please refer to second last pic)
The only difference between the two colourways is the background colour ^^

Cute kitchen-y print from earlier this year. Perfect for any loli that loves baking!

Victorian Maiden: Beth - Antique Parasol

Measurements: 112cm wide
☆ Price: $14/m
☆ Colours: Aqua and sage only.

Cute carefree print from Yuwa fabrics~

Shirley Temple - Ribbon bunnies

Measurements: 112cm wide
☆ Price: $14/m
☆ Colours: Mint only

From Fall 2008. The fabric is actually a light twill weave ^^

VM replica necklace lighter

Lightly used
Total size 6 x 6 cm, diameter of sphere is 4cm
USD22 + shipping

Necklace that doubles as a lighter. Comes in box above with a 30cm metal chain. I can ship it without the box for cheaper shipping if you prefer ^^

BNWT - Leg Warmers

Brand new with tags, never worn
USD11 + shipping

50cm long, with little pompoms at the top. Really cute! ^^
Please note that for black, the pom pom is half black and half white xD

1 Black
1 White
2 Blue
2 Pink

BNWT - Leg / Arm Warmers

Brand new with tags, never worn.
☆ 50 ~ 55cm long
USD11 + shipping

1 Argyle purple
1 Striped purple

1 Striped red
2 Striped white/black

BNWT - Purple Overknee Socks

Brand new with tags, never worn

USD11 + shipping
☆ Over knee to mid thigh. I'm 155cm tall, these hit just below mid thigh on me

1 Pink x Purple argyle
1 Light grey x Purple argyle

BNWT - G.L.P Skoodie

Brand new with tags, never worn. WIll be shipped in original package.

USD35 + shipping

Hoodie + Scarf = Skoodie. xD
The hood has a button and tab at the base, so you can button it around your neck.

BNWT - Bodyline blouse

Brand new with tags, never worn. Will be shipped in its original plastic.
USD25 + shipping
Bodyline link here

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