kimmm (xbiteyourtongue) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: ITS Poof Petti

Sellin' this here ITS Poof Petti. I sent it back for some more poof because it arrived looking a tad weak. So look out for the extra bits of poof that make it shape somewhat funny.
Proof of ownership and that it has enough tulle to stand on its own.
What it looks like under something in this here image I stole from becausedead.
Taken flat, waist measures 10in unstretched and 21in stretched to its max.
In great condition if I do say so myself. No signs of wear or anything. And spotless too. :D I'm pretty good at beating up my stuff, but this has made it through. Anyway, it's been washed and all that good stuff because it'd be gross to send it off in sloppy condition.
Now, all things considered, in spite of use, it is in super!good condition so... $34, shipped?

+The PP fee has already been added to the price.
+I accept all forms of PayPal. CC or non-CC preferred.
+I accept concealed cash/money orders at your own risk. It must be shipped priority.
+Priority goes to who can pay first unless discussed beforehand.
+I have a dog and, as it were, it had to be the dog that sheds the most. I do my best to keep fur out of my stuff (because dog fur is so not rori), but this is a just-in-case warning.
+I can ship internationally, but it's hella expensive. ):
+Additional photos are available upon request.
+Feedback reminder: eBay, the loligoth_dbs, GSJ, my selling journal, xbiteyour_sales.

Thanks for looking!


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