rachel (cutelostalice) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/T: BTSSB, F+F, Rakuen, TRIPP, off Brand

I'm selling....

Angelic Pretty replica dress by Rakuen and headdress SOLDDDD

price: $65
bust: 35"
waist: 27"
This dress and headdress are so cute, and were my first purchase here on EGL...but it isn't quite me xD; It's toooo pink and cute I guess~ ^^; I only tried it on once, and the previous owner only tried it on~ So it's in like new condition~ Ano, but there is a smalllll black spot on the back. But, if you tie the sash the spot is covered~ ^^

F+F white blouse SOLDDDD

price: $45
bust: 19.5" flat
length: 21" flat
This blouse is new with tags, only tried on a few times~ It's quite cute, but just to big for me~!

BTSSB antique-ish white blouse with detactable sleeves~! SOLDDDD

price: $95
bust: 18" flat
length: 20" flat
This is a very nice blouse, I bought from someone here on the EGL sale comm. It's good for winter or spring~ It just isn't my style~ :/

Off brand blouse SOLDDDD

price: $20
bust: 17" flat
length: 21" flat
In good condition~ only worn once or twice~ it's simple and cute~ ^^

TRIPP punk purple plaid reversable skirt

^actual color^

price: $25
waist: 15" flat
length: 13.5" flat
Worn only about twice~ cute, pretty purple color~ n__n

shipping is included(domestic)
I'm willing to trade for Putumayo or Hangry&Angry stuff~
I accept paypal


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