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WTB/T Red BTSSB tartan jsk

Hi, i am hoping to get this baby jsk

( i think it is the one from Shimotsuma monogatari during the pachinko scene)
the other pic is on deviant art which i don't own...

Anyway i am mainly hoping to trade some items for the Jsk, i have a pair of algonquin pants which i have only worn three times for small periods and had purchased off ebay, it's in cery good condition and i think can fit up to a 80cm (31") stretched
waist. the length of the skirt is 15.74" or 40cm, here is the pretty picture!

To prove i have the item here are some pictures of me wearing, I'm 5'6" and you can adjust the straps for the legwarmers so you can wear the skirt by itself if you want. hehe my shirt i'm wearing covers the skirt so it is longer than it looks in the pics i am wearing it in!

I also have a white baby camisole which i have only worn for 5mins to try on and i bought that off Y!J.The cami has shirring all the way around and two little ribbons that criss cross on the front. I'm guess the cami could fit a 32" waist perhaps? The picture isn't good and it looks kinda yellow i know but i assure you it is because the ribbons are antique white. I just checked and it had a little yellow on the inside of the blouse on the straps but you can see it on the outside, i believe it is in very good condition!

I am hoping to trade both items for the jsk, but if you only want the one then i am willing to pay extra cash in as well. I will also pay shipping for the item to get here and my item to get there within reason of course. If you feel that the two items alone aren't enough then maybe i can work something out.

Thanks for looking and i hoping to get some replies. Items are to be in relatively good condition and i would prefer if the petti that comes with the dress is included. And of course i'm open to trading for some BTSSB only items. lol sorry about all this info! thanks again!

also payment would be by paypal ^o^


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