The Defective Girl (kesson_shojo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
The Defective Girl

WTB: Brand berets, punkuma cowgil hat, pink brand skirts, white lacetop knee socks, Btssb bunny bag.

hey all I am looking for the following:

~BRAND named berets (in black, white, red, or pink)
~ Meta punkuma cowgirl hat (any color at this point, but if you have pink I will LOVE you)
~Pink BRAND skirts (solid or prints, I really need more pink)
~Btssb bunny bag (the small one or the larger one released for the paris store)
~white BRAND lace top knee socks

if you have any of the items above please show me what you have! I have money in my PP nos so for some items I can pay straight away!
Thank you!

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