~Sheyne~ (neku_niku) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

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WTB- red tartan headthing (+any awesome red tartan accessories)

Hey there, so I just got my new red tartan cat print meta skirt in the mail and i LOVE it!!!
I forgot to order a matching hair thing and before making ANOTHER meta order, I was wondering if anybody on comunity had anything to sell.

I'm looking for red tartan with black lace, if there is any lace.
I like head bows more then headdress, but if you have something kewl, show it off. Also, if anybody has got any awesome red tartan accessories that you want to offer, show them and I'll look!!!
(i kinda really wish i had gotten the meta red tartan purse (NOT TOTE) back when it was in stock.

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