cjheth (cjheth) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Non-brand sales

OK so I got a bunch of junk to get rid of. All prices include shipping within the US via First Class mail. I will trade for Goth,punk,pirate,kuro loli or Aristo items.

You can check my feedback over at the loligoth_dbs, or under the name cjheth at ebay (but that's all for buying and none for selling).

White and Blue Plaid Jumper:

Got this at Forever 21, wore it once, realized it's too short on me. It's 33 inches long, bust 30 inches, waist and hips are free. As you can see it flares enough to get a petticoat under it.
I'd like $25USD.

Black Tote Bag:

Used this only once, on Deathly Hallows Night. Want $8 USD (was originally 10 bucks at da Wal Mart).

Hello Kitty Hand Bag:

Bought this but never used it once. Forgot what I paid for it, but someone on ebay is asking 22 for the shoulder bag version, so I am gonna ask $15 USD.

White ITS Headband Head Dress

Went a little looney and bought four of these but realized they look dumb on me. This is the only one I have yet to part with.This one I have never worn.

However, I do want to point out that the lace seems to be a bit factory frayed and needs a clean up, so you know when you get it.

I want $12USD for it.

Damaged F+F Camo Skirt

So basically this came from F+F damaged and it was a totally screwed up order and they lost a bunch of stuff so I let it slide instead of sending it back. I paid the 7 bucks to try to get it repaired, only to have the person mess it up worse. I am sure a competent seamstress could fix this skirt rather easily, but the fact of the matter is it's too short for me to wear now.

Here's the damage:
1: The person made it too short in the back-

2: This seam edge is a little frayed now-

3: These weird sewing lines (Part of the original F+F damage) on the ruffles where the fabric meets -

It is 19 inches long in the back (Which is what you'd have to fix the length in the front to), and 26 inches around in the corset area.

I would like $17USD for it.

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