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Direct Sale of IW, A&P, JM, ETC

Here are some items that I haven't put up for sale on here yet and some items that I have posted in the past.

Jane Marple Rhinestone Hairpin
Sale Price: 30$US
Quality: Like new

Beautiful hairpin with shiny rhinestones(?) from last year's fall and winter collection. I would rather you buy this with some other clothes. If you do, I will take 4$ off the original price..

Emily Temple Cute Pink Jacket
Sale Price: 40$US
Quality: Bought new, used 2-3 times.

ETC jacket/blazer perfect for the fall and for places where you have a really light winter. This is a very fashionable piece and is perfect for casual outfits as well. It goes well with pants.

Shoulder: 37cm
Sleeve: 59cm
Bust: 90cm
Waist: 80cm
Length: 63cm

Jane Marple Pearl Blouse
Sale Price: 35$US new reduced price 10/3
Quality: Used but in good condition.

I originally bought this wonderful Jane Marple blouse off Yahoo! auctions. The pearls on the collar are really pretty, and you can combine with this both your lolita and normal wardrobe. The blouse is a sort of antique white color close to what Meta uses in their antique white blouses. This was originally from their 2003 F/W collection. Unfortunately it didn't fit me in the way that I wanted it to so I never got a chance to do more than wear it for a couple of minutes. My shoulders are kind of big so the sleeves ended up being short on me instead of being full length sleeves.

Shoulder: 36cm
Sleeve: 59cm
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 82cm
Length: 60cm

Jane Marple Velveteen Bolero
Sale Price: 100$ new reduced price 10/3
Original Retail: around 27,000yen
Quality: New with tags

I bought this bolero brand new and hadn't really had the chance to use it at all because it does not fit me very well. ;_; *cries* It was sent through the mail and ended up kind of frumpy so I ironed it out to straighten it. *_*; Anyway, this design is really stellar. The sleeves are a little shorter, but if you have a blouse with really nice and detailed cuffs, you can show it off here. It would look great with a black skirt (perhaps one with a high waist)! The ribbon in the front is made out of grosgrain and is attached to the bolero by a button on both sides.

There was some damage to velveteen that I noticed when I received it. It is on the mid-upper left hand side of the bolero (if you were looking at the bolero lying down flat in front of you). I think that it's hardly noticable but because of this damage I lowered the sale price considerably from what I had originally paid. *_*;;

Shoulder: 38cm / 15in
Sleeves: 52.5cm / 20.75in
Bust: 90cm / 35.5in
Length: 36cm / 14.30in

Jane Marple Over Knee Mermaid Socks
Sold to greenmask
Quality: New. I tried on once.

Innocent World Antique White Pico Lace Plain Blouse L-size
Sold to kyoskatze
Quality: Bought new, worn once.

Jane Marple Music Note Skirt
sold to crazy_caitlin Thank you!
Quality: Worn for a short time but in great condition

Alice & the Pirates Frill Shoes Size: 24-24.5JPN 8-8.5US
Sold to hiyume. Thank you!
Quality: Worn a couple of times. Has some wear on it. See below for photos.

Jane Marple Ribbon Pullover
Sale Price: sold to snobbyshannie Thank you!
Original Retail: 13.340yen
Quality: Used but in great condition

Vivienne Westwood Bird Motif Gloves (White)
Asking price: Sold to fashionbabylon
Quality: New. I tried them on two times.

Payment: I accept non-credit card Paypal, money orders, and well-concealed cash (USS, CDNS, or YEN). If you are in the UK, I will accept bank drafts in US dollars as well. I can accept four more credit card payments this year on my personal account. I will accept credit cards payments if you help pay the 4% fee and buy 100$ or more.

No trades of any kinds as I really need the money right now. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to write a comment. (^^

Shipping Costs: All items will be shipped by small packet airmail from Canada. There are other options for those in US and Canada including Xpresspost and Expedited Parcel. I will ship internationally.

Credentials: I've sold numerous items on EGL without any problems in the past. My E-bay feedback can be found by searching kuroibara.
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