ateip (ateip) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB - Formal/prom dress/JSK

I am desperately searching for a formal/prom dress, with it all less than 3 weeks away. These are my preferences, though if you have something you think is suitable or nice for a formal, please show me!

♥Under or approximately $300.
♥Preferably sweet, or a style suitable for a formal, though not too dressy.
♥Preferably no dresses with fully shirred busts (though I know some dresses do look super-nice with shirred busts. If you have something with a shirred bust you think is nice and suitable, please show me! I would definitely consider it!)
♥Nothing below-the-knee (ie nothing long).
♥No preference of colour.
♥I would really prefer there to be a pattern of some sort... I don't really like just plain colour dresses or JSKs, but again, please show me anyway if you have something nice!

I am able to fit dresses/jumperskirts with a 76+ cm waist and 92+ cm bust (they can always be smooshed down!).

I live in Australia, and am able to pay immediately by CC or non-CC Paypal (though CC is fastest and therefore my preference. I would cover any CC fee of course!!) I think I've included everything there... please tell me if I haven't! Until then, please show me your dresses!
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