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DS/DT: AP Shyness Bear Bag, Ichigo Milliefeuille Headbow - PRICES REDUCED

- Shipping from Melbourne, Australia
- I use airmail shipping as default, but if you want express or registered please inform me :]
- Please comment with your country for shipping estimate (or postcode if you're Australian)
- I only accept non-cc paypal (no cc or no echeque at all)
- Priority goes to the first person who can pay.
- I'll accept trades for brand accessories, unworn socks, baby/ap white/whitexpink parasoles.
- Please notice that I've got a dog and my mother smokes but I try not to let either near (unless stated)
- My feedback is here
- I am not responsible if the item gets damaged/lost in the mail or if you are charged customs fees (I value as their price in AUD on customs forms.)
- Please do not contact me by lj message. I'd like to keep all contact in comment form. Messages will be ignored.
- I reserve all rights to not sell to a buyer.

AP Ichigo Milliefeuille pink headbow - $40USD + shipping.
It is really cute, but I don't really like how it sits on me. The top part is wired. (The photo is from my pupe backup photobucket account)

AP Shyness Bear Bag in WHITE - Now available for trading HERE
Taken outside once, might by a tiny bit dirty as it is VERY white. Anyway, this bag basically only fits your cellphone, or something of similar size, but is great as a prop! He's adorable, with a tiny blushing pink spot on each cheek, huge eyes with eyelashes and a big pink bow around his neck! (Stock photo can be found on my flickr)

Size: approx 41x26cm. pocket is approx 13cm. straps are fully adjustable but do not come off/change position etc.

[ Back / Face detail / Strap detail / Worn ]

Thanks for looking! :D
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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