allurose (allurose) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: VM, MM, white skirt, BxW skirt, socks...

Please help me build my wardrobe!  Looking for things to fit measurements B32 W26 and under. 

VM or MM skirts or dresses, especially solid colors (not floral print).  Imitations are great too! 

white or antique white/cream skirt with RUFFLES!

small cameo pin, under 2in, or choker with a cameo on it.

SPATS that will fit a 9in ankle

inexpensive or nonbrand white blouse, preferably long sleeves with a peter-pan collar and NOT too heavy on the shirring. 

inexpensive, nonbrand white socks, light pink socks, light green socks

warm fitted winter coat, no fur please

small white apron

if someone is REALLY awesome, a cream tophat like is in my icon (not mini please) :D

Thanks ladies!


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