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FS.: Yosuke platform bow sandals (larger size) SOLD!

im selling my first pair of lolita shoes, because they are simply too big on me- they are black leche by yosuke sandals with a big bow made of synthetic leather. the ankle strap closes with a practical clip and the bluckles can be adjusted to fit

side view:

these are marked as size 23.5
i measured the insole and infact its 26cm so they should fit a foot with up to 25cm length.
front platform: appox. 3.5cm
heel: approx. 6cm

i wore them quite often though because i love them alot, but in the end i have to accept that they are too big (my feet only measure 23.5cm).
there are several damages that are barely noticeable when wearing them though:

wrinkling on front platform:

damage on heel: (can be made invisible with a black marker easily)

damage on inner side of the heel:

crack in the middle part of the sole: (only visible when not worn, can be glued though)

as you can see they are not exactly brand new but they still have a lot of life in them as i took care of them as good as i could, the insole is perfectly clean and theres absolutely no damage to the labels, the soles on the heels show wear marks because they are of hard-plastic the rubber soles in the front are still in good condition (i can take a pic if required)

40€ - Shipping to europe (around 13€) already included (will be shipped as uninsured package)
rest of the world:
42$ + shipping (will be shipped as uninsured package) please ask for shipping costs.
all prices are negotiable- feel free to offer | i can also send them insured or via EMS which would cost more then
paypment via paypal only

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