kiwi_lady (kiwi_lady) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Worn it twice, once during a con, and the top for a photoshoot. The hat is NOT for sale!!
They are in pristine condition! No damage whatsoever <3.
Here are the sizes, taken from arleena753. arleena753, please let me know if this bothers you, I'll take it down immedietly.
Waist: ~31in [79cm]
Bust: ~33in [84cm]
Length: ~22.5in[57cm]
Arm circumference: ~11in[27cm]
Waist: ~28in [71cm]
Hips: ~33in [84cm]
Length: ~15.5in[39.5cm]

Meta Punkma black/gray set = 80 USD Shipped within US with priority shipping : )

Alice and the Pirates lucky pack pants!! I don't wear this enough : (.
Brand new condition, worn only once actually orz...
Size accoring to Baby:
Waist: 72 cm
length: 62 c
AaaP bondage pants= SOLD

I got this blouse in the mail, was all happy until I found out I looked.. unattractive T_T;;;. It comes with TWO bows! A striped one and a plain white one as you can see in the picture :D. So you can change them whenever you feel like <3.
It has defact on the shirt.. One of the laces were not sewn down..?

length: 50cm
bust: 80cm
sleeve legnth: 63cm
Baby the star shine bright blouse = SOLD

Paypal only please. CC is fine as long as you are willing to pay the fees. Insurance can be included if you are willing to pay for it, but no insurance for international shipping, unless you'd like EMS @_@;;;.
Whoever can pay me the fastest gets it! No trades DDD : .
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