Nickelpin (sekiria) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

SOLD: H.Naoto FRILL crown print skirt. For plus size. Reduced / Make an offer!

H.Naoto FRILL skirt
originally $180
Make an offer! 

Shipping: $10 USA / $20 UK


I'd like to move this one out as it's too big for me and I haven't been able to wear it. 
I'd like it to go to a great new home.

Features a thick layer of inbuilt petticoat and tulle trimmed with lace. Skirt is screenprinted with a crown and cross design.   The spiral swirl on the screen print is imprinted with poetic words within the lines! 

Can't make out much of it.  Here it goes.  In repetition it loops around within the spirals.   Seems to be a reference to mermaid lore?
"When they spoke to sisters those looking and having heard the ground princesses that When they became 15 respectively princesses got the permission that come on the sea to the surface... is different one by one promised each other h.naoto x frill"

waist (elastic): 26" - 39"
length: ~ 20-22" with/without tulle
fluffiness: This skirt is so fluffy it doesn't need a petticoat underneath, as the tulle and the inbuilt petticoat serve pretty well on their own.  If you stand the skirt up, it does a pretty good job standing up on its own.
here: Smoke free and pet free home.  This one has been lurking in my closet the entire time and I haven't worn it. 


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