cidsa (cidsa) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Yup, More Sales

1. Shipping is included in the price UNLESS
a) You buy more than one thing
b) You live really far away like Australia
2. Paypal only please. I /may/ be able to accept money orders but only if there isn't anyone else interested who can pay faster.

1. Visible One Piece - $120

A really neat dress by Visible. It doesn't have loads of lace or anything crazy, it is very simple and cute. The colour seems a bit blue-ish but it is totally black. Buttons all the way down the front (and opens the whole way as well). Has only been worn once by me. I actually really love this and hate to let it go, but it's just been sitting around :(

2. Black Peace Now Skirt - *SOLD*

3. Atelier Boz Blouse - *SOLD*

4. Offbrand Socks - $6

A pair of cute bright pink socks that I have never worn. I think they would be really cute for punk, but I'm not sure how to coordinate them so off they go.

5. BTSSB Winter Catalogue - *SOLD*

6. h.Naoto BLOOD Bag - $40 *ON HOLD*

A really awesome h.Naoto BLOOD purse. Features lots of that nutty writing and patterns, plus some lace and details.

7. Alice & The Pirates Shirt - $30

A black AatP shirt that I probably won't ever wear. Has never been worn, it still has the fold lines XD Features a cross and a treasure chest on the front.

8. Peace Now Shirt - $30

A white Peace Now shirt with long sleeves and red stitching. Has some crazy engrish on the front ontop of a spiderweb and butterfly. I've worn this twice, but it still looks good as new.

9. BTSSB Bunny Cape - $150 *SOLD*

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