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We've all fallen in a river from time to time

Direct Sale Random Brand and Off Brand

Still too many clothes in my closet that I never ever wear, so I'm sending it off to better homes.  All my items are in good to very good used condition unless stated. I do ship internationally and I do take paypal. 2% fee on cc paypal payments.  For international shipping, please inquire.  I had a package lost recently, so I will be using priority shipping unless you state that you do not mind not getting a refund if the item is lost in the post.  As allways, first to pay gets the item.  If you want more photos or measurements, just ask. 
For more information about buying from me and links to my feedback please go here:

New in Package Metamorphose Black and White Swan Tote Bag
I bought this to match a skirt that I sold, so now I don't need it anymore.  Still in the plastic bag it came in.

New F+F Kodona Hat size L
Bought for husband and he never wore it. :(
25.00 20.00 shiped in the US
Measurements on F+F's official site:
DSC00361.jpg picture by baby-angst

#3 & 4
Size Large EGL community T-shirts in White and Red and Black and White
I bought these at a size Large, and as such they are waaaay too big for me.   It faded the first time I dried it, so I think the ink they used might just be a lower quality than I am used to.  I have no picture of the black ane white one, but if someone wants one, I can take one.    Bought for 25.00.
34" bust unstretched
waist 32" unstretched
length 24"
15.00 13.00 shipped anywhere in the US
DSC00385.jpg picture by baby-angst

Design Detail:

#5 Off white Mam One Piece
Cute and well made, it is made of a thick off-white cotton.  It has a bodice lacing fromt that is non-adjustable.  The girl I bought it from only wore it a few times, and I wore it a whopping once for a family birhtday party.  Waist ties in the back and rows of lace on te bottom add nice touches to this dress.  Once again, pictures taken with a camera phone as my regular camera has lost its charger. :(  It has white detachable sleeves and a detachable collar  that are not pictured, but will be included
35" bust and 30" waist
SOLD (Pending Payment)
Detail of Hem lacing:
Close up of corset detail

#6 Red and White Japanese Home-made Capelet
This came with a lot I bought off Mbok, and it isn't really my style.  Very Christmasy.  Free size

#7 Black and Blue AP Tote

#8 White and black Meta Heart Lace skirt
26" waist (I wore it , and I have a 28" waist, but I have a squishy tummy)
Bought new from Meta, and worn only 3 or 4 times.  My camera died as I was taking pictures of it, so stock photos will have to do for now.  If you need a pictue to prove I own it, here you go!

#9 Bustled Strawberry print Bodyline Skirt 28" waist
This is one of those few wearable things that Bodyline makes.  The one bit of lace trim on the edge of the skirt is a nice cotton lace, and the bustle is really cute.  The tie on the back is attached to the skirt and not adjustable, and some of the threads attaching it are a bit loose.  The back of the skirt is identical to this one on sale at the website:

#10 MA punk skirt
Black with a red lining on the from flap.  The faux leather strap is a little worn, but the rest is supposed to look deconstructed, so the more worn it gets, the better!
Okay, why do I keep trying punk lolita?  Not sure, but I do.  And then I fail real big. T_T
25" waist
16" long
50.00 40.00 shipped
 DSC00384.jpg picture by baby-angst103328343_1.jpg picture by baby-angst

#11 Novala Blue Plaid Mini Tie
I sold the JSK that matched this, so now it serves absolutely no purpose in my wardrobe.  I bougt it for about 35.00 shipped.
25.00 shipped anywhere in the US
(note: the JSK and Alice bow are not avalable!)

#12 Black Japanese Ruffled Shirt
The brand is Sunfonte, and it has a small ruffle down the front and ruffled sleeves.  Nice and Simple.  Sorry for the inferior quality pictures.
34" bust 
30" waist
22" long sleeves
15.00 shipped anywhere in the US
Wrist ruffle:
Aatp058.jpg picture by baby-angst


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