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Sale all under $35

Closet cleaning time. . once again~! All items are made by me. . so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

New I Do Declare JSK

I have had so much trouble with this JSK that I just decided to sell it. I've re-made it twice and I just cant' seem to get it right. The bodice is lined and the back panel has shirring.  all hems and seams are surged. It's made of a cute pink and ivory candy stripe material and has ivory lace trim. there is an unidentified stain over the left breast. . .it was on the fabric when I made the dress. I'd forgotten the stain was there until I finished it. But that's why the JSK is so cheap. The waits tis also low. . making it better for a taller loli. (I am 5'8" BTW) The picture is of it on me not my mannequin because my mannequin has a weird short torso. . which would make this look akward. sorry about my lack of blouse and socks and bad hair and messy room)
Bust: 37" (can fit smaller)
Waist: 29" (can fit smaller)

Black and purple print JSK

Another JSK with a lower waist (which looks really akward on my short torso'd mannequin). Shirred panel in the back with ties. the front has pintucks and lace trim.  the lace at the bottom of the skirt has a cute pearl trim as well.
Bust: 37 (can fit smaller)
Waist: 30 (can fit smaller)


I Do Declare LP skirt

Cute simple skirt made of blue and white striped seersucker fabric. the lace at the hem is a very nice quality. there are also two pockets at the front ^_^ It's a little big for my mannequin so it feel crooked on her. .. it's not really like that. Fully elastic waist.
Waist: 31" - 44"


Paypal only please, I have 100% feedback on ebay under the name taichotoki. feel free to ask me any questions.

thank you!

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