Cerise Bennett (atomicgypsy) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Cerise Bennett

lolita inspired halloween costume: paper-doll!


5-day auction so you can have it before halloween.

all hand made. this is NOT for daily lolita wear, because it's meant to be a fun costume, but i figured it's okay to post because a lot of people are looking for costumes that still have the lolita aesthetic. it's my own idea. all embroidery is hand done by me.

i thought i'd share it for lolitas that want something unique to wear on halloween. i will be posting more sales soon but i thought this should have it's own post and not get mixed up in my brands because it's so different. :P

yes, it's satin.. but it's high quality bridal satin that has a more matte finish, not the yucky shiny stuff. the fabric originally cost $15/yard. so forgive me lolita gods. and yes my petti is showing, i thought it looked "paper-y" and so was ok. ;) a nice heavy duty petti would give it more poof.

i posted it back on lolita snap WAY back before it was re-done. and it was worn only once and has been carefully cleaned.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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