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a lot of lolita clothes

 this is my first selling post here, i new with this, sorry for my bad englisch, i do my best

the first thin that i sell:
metamorphose pink alphabet one piece 
i love this dres it was my first sweet lolita dress.
she is in good condition, is nothing wrong 
buste: 90cm 
taille: 80 cm
skirt length: 50cm
price: 125 euro without shipping

baby the stars shine bright blue JSK
the pearlchain on the wiast the riibon is in piece? i have another ribbon on. (my crappy english''-_-)
father is nothing wrong with it
buste: 100cm (shirring on the back)
skirt length: 45cm
price: 145 euro without shipping

beth alice bunny longsleeve
i buy this last year, but i worn this not so muts
buste: 90cm
its a strechy longsleeve
price: 50 euro without shipping

off-white Heart E cat bolero
 i worn this a couple of times, but is in good condition
buste: 90 cm
taille: free
price: 50 euro without shipping

white metamorphose lucky pack 07 winter skirt
a beautiful skirt but its a bit to big for me :(
there is a small yellow spot on the tailleband, its to small for a picture, my camera dont whant a picture making of it '-_-, you dont see it, as you dont no its on it
taille: max. 120 cm
skirt length: 55 cm
price 50 euro without shipping

baby the stars shine brigt bunnt earmuffs blackxwhit
i buy this two weeks ago from a girl here.
she where it not so much and, i try it only.
the length: 53 cm
price: 30 euro without shipping

homemade stuff

punk blouse
i made this on my school XD
buste: 110cm
taille: 102cm
you can it make smaller with the ribbon on the back
price: 30 euro without shipping



blackxwhite skirt
very simple skirt ^^
taille: 110cm max.
length: 42cm
price 25 euro without shipping

black x white headdres. macted with the skirt
price: 5 euro

a pink headdres with 2 ribbons, a red headress wit 2 roses
price: 10 euro without shipping

hello kitty drink bottle
ver new drink bottle, i drink of it a few times but i cleaned very well
price 10 euro without shipping

i accept only paypal.
i ship from the netherlands

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