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In Need Of Money!

The Shoes: They have been sold out at the Baby, the Stars Shine bright webpage for quite some time now, here's the original page. As they were sold out at the page very soon my only chance was to get them second hand - so I was looking and looking, and they never had my size and then finally - woohoo - they were available at mbok. With shipping and stuff they were over 30,000 Yen. Enough talking about how I got them, here they are:

Baby, the stars shine bright
スカラップリボンブーツ (130★803)
Size L
Coming with original shoe box

You can't really see it on this pic, but at one ribbon there's something green-ish. I tried to get it off several times and it's hardly noticable anymore. Just wanted to be fair and tell you ;)

Those wrinkles at ankle-height (?!) are from normal walking. I wore them about 5 times.

Please keep in mind they are worn, so they're not completly white anymore. It's not really noticable, but when you pay attention to it it is.

The artificial leather of one heel came off a bit (on the right of the heel)

The leather is a little scratched there.

jfyi, none of those pictures has been edited other than resizing it.
As you may have noticed the heart at the ribbons is missing. I have no idea where it could me, I searched my whole room. x_x Sorry.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Length: 47cm (18.5 inch) Waist: 65cm (26.6 inch)
With built-in petticoat

On this picture it's not ironed. Of course I will iron it before I give it away.

What it looks like being worn. As a height reference: I'm 169cm (5'7") tall. (Shown with additional petticoat)

It's a rather light fabric and has no stains whatsoever. It has a little built-in petticoat, but you'll always need to support this one. The ribbon at the back is detachable with buttons.

Payment and stuff:
Payment is only via PayPal.  CC Paypal: add 5.9% to the price.
Feel free to ask me for shipping fees. Everything will be shipped via DHL from Germany.

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