Jai Graham (tartlet) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Jai Graham

DS: an*ten*na white mary-janes, Metamorphose Sweets Tote Bag

I'm selling two gently loved items that need a good home. I was the first owner of each item, and they were well cared for and loved by me. I hate to part with them, but honestly, I don't use either item often enough to justify keeping them when I really could use the money.

I have plenty of positive feedback on eBay (user CutieBunnyRock) and on my Sales Journal, crayon_ninja. I am having some difficulties finding the Mac driver for my digital camera at the moment, but if you need better pictures, please e-mail me and I will do everything in my power to get them to you in a timely matter.

I am headed off to bed after I post this, so if you don't hear back from me in a few hours, never fear, I will reply!!

an*ten*na white Mary Janes, Size LL (~8.5 US)
Anyone who knows an*ten*na can vouch for their beauty and comfort for lolita shoesies. My best friend bought these shoes for herself, and they were just not the right size for her, so I offered to buy them from her. I wore them ONCE to ONE meetup and they were just a teeny bit too tight on me. (I am usually a 9-9.5 US)

I have photos on my PC of the shoes and the box and the paperwork that came in the box, and again, I will be HAPPY to e-mail those to any interested buyer tomorrow.

On. The straps snap close with a little flower buckle. The lace near the toe of the shoe is beautiful quality, and runs across the straps, too. (You can kind of see it on this picture.)

You can see what they look like on. The heel is very easy to walk in, and the front of the shoe is on a platform, so it's not JUST a high heel.

I really need to find this damn camera driver, but in the mean time, you can still see the shoe...

The soles of the shoes will be cleaned up before being shipped out, and they will be sent in their original an*ten*na box (which was slightly beaten up when we received them.) with their original paperwork.

(that's not a stain on the heel, I noticed it after I took the picture -- it's actually a flower petal -- how loli -- which has since been taken off and cleaned up!)

Asking Price: $85 or best offer + shipping. (I will NOT entertain offers below $75, I just can't. I have to make my money back on these.)

Metamorphose Sweets Tote Bag in White SOLD!! Thank you!!

I accept PayPal and am a verified seller. I will calculate the most cost efficient and time efficient method of shipping, via USPS. I am happy to insure and/or delivery confirm each package at additional cost.

Thank you all for looking!! Please feel free to ask questions, etc.

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