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BTSSB tartan JSK

I bought this jumperskirt 3 weeks ago and wore it only twice (once for a try-on and once for a day)
So it is practicly new. After thinking it over I am going to sell it because I don't really like the colors.
I bought it in Mfashion, brand new, for 220 euro's (309 USD) and am willing to sell it for 150 euro (210 USD) OR I woukld like to
trade it for another Jsk, (I prefer A Kuro/black- or gossu/gothic lolita jsk, no ama/sweet loli please) I am also intrested in none brand jsk's if it
is beautifull enough but I prefer brando.

(exc. shipping costs)

It's about this jsk:

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state of JSK: Un-damaged, worn twice

officiall sizes from BTTSB

バスト:約88cm (bust)
ウエスト:約74cm (taile)

My sizes:

93-95cm Bust

75-76 cm wasit

I myself fit easaly in the dress and still have some space, I think the MAX sizes are 95cm-98cm bust and 80cm wait.:
(Bust can also tightened orloosen up by a ribbon and waist also a bow)

Proove that I have the jsk:

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