xx_luna_lux_xx (xx_luna_lux_xx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Looking for offers: burgundy Mary Magdalene op

I bought this op from tian_shi last month and wanted to wear it for my anniversary but I didn't get it in time so I plan on wearing it for my birthday which is in 2 weeks. But I really need a winter coat because I'm really petite and for some reason small sizes sell out first, so I'm considering selling this dress after my birthday. I'm looking for offers to know how much I can afford to spend on a coat. I paid $250 for this dress so I'm looking for around that much. If I don't get any good offers though I won't sell it since it is my dream dress. I just really need money, since I'm a broke college student in need of money for food and warm clothes.

Picture is a link to the offical MM page for the dress. There are more pictures there.


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