Jo (jtph_jo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Baby Windows Print JSK 2, black

I just received this jumperskirt today, and while it is absolutely gorgeous it is unfortunately too short on me :(

This is the baby site for it:

I'm 5'8.5", and I would recommend this for ladies 5'5" (at the max) and below, as it sits well above my knees. The bow on the front is attached to a brooch and could thus be repositioned as you want or even pinned to a headband for a matching headdress. The print is beautifully detailed with tiny angels, flowers, and little stylised stars amongst the featured motifs.

This seemed strange to me as the baby site has it listed as 1 cm longer than a OP I have which is the perfect length, but oh well.. thems the breaks unfortunately.

It is in brand new minty mint condition. I took it out of the tissue paper and tried it on but didn't even do up the zip as I realised straight away it was way too short. I folded it back up in the (slightly torn but still serviceable) tissue paper and put it back in the carry bag BABY included. I also have included with it a padded pink satin coat hanger with a little bow, as I had a couple of spares left after I rehung my loli wardrobe, and I thought it would look very nice with the JSK.

I would like what I paid, $260AU ($233US). Shipping would be $10AU to Australia, $25AU to USA, and $31AU to the UK. It will be shipped in the box BABY sent it to me in, resealed with packing tape. It will come with the BABY shopping bag it was included with and a complimentary coat hanger from me.

I accept paypal to joanna.freeman(AT), it doesn't matter whether it's CC or balance or echeque, unfortunately paypal australia charges fees on payments to a premier account either way. If it is an echeque I will have to wait to ship until after the cheque clears.

Thanks for looking!

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