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DS: A&P OP, Algonquins Cross Coat, BPN Card Suit Bow, Super Lover's Tee, Petticoat

Shipping within the US is included in the price. If you live outside the US, I will ship to you, but shipping will be a little more. Also, I will gladly combine shipping if you buy multiple items from me! ^_^ Check out my awesome ebay feedback! I’m a blue star now. ^_^

I accept Paypal, money orders, and concealed cash, but I will not be responsible if the cash is stolen in the mail. My paypal account is at

Alice & the Pirate Sailor OP - $190 shipped
Someone's already interested in this, but in case she falls through...

Super adorable A&P OP, no longer on sale! It's in excellent, like-new condition. I purchased it from Closet Child, and have only tried it on. I don't think anyone's worn it before, either, because the fabric is so smooth and crisp. The sleeves are detachable, and the buttons are shaped like little flowers. So cute!
Bust: 34-38" / 86-96 cm
Waist: 30"/ 76 cm

The white circle in the following photo is a lighting mishap on my camera. It isn't actually on the dress.

Algonquins Gothic Cross Jacket - $75 shipped
In awesome, near-perfect direction! Has awesome straps at the waist that can be used to adjust the side, along with a pleated skirt bottom. Perfect for wearing over a dress! ^_^
Waist: 30"-38"/ 76-96 cm
Bust: 36"/ 46 cm (Fabric can stretch fairly well, but it distorts the print, so nothing more than 38" is likely to fit well)

Super Lovers Long-Sleeved T-Shirt - $25 shipped
In like-new condition. Super adorable, but too big for me.
Measurement Across (bust and waist): 38"/ 96 cm

Black Peace Now Card Suit Bow -$30 shipped
In like-new condition, except it has a small broken thread. You can just cut that off, though. :)

Super Poof Petticoat!! - $40 shipped
I bought this at a used clothing store. It's soooo soft and supremely poofy. I love it, but I need the money...
Waist: 22"-36"/56-91cm
Skirt Length: 19"/48 cm

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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