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DS: Meta Teddy Duffle Coat (Bear Ears, BxW)

DS: Meta Teddy Duffle Coat (Black x White)
♥ good condition, but definitely not like new. i bought it second-hand off this comm about a month ago, and it arrived to me freshly drycleaned. i only wore it once.
♥ meta's site says it's made of wool. it's also lined.
♥ there are teddybear ears on the detachable fur hood. there's an interchangeable fur collar. the fur collar and cuffs are detachable, but the fur on the bottom of the skirt isn't.
self-taken measurements: bust 19" flat (~38") / waist 18" flat (~36") / length 30".
meta's measurements: bust 39.3" / waist 32.6" / length 29.9". i'd say take the max from either measurement and you will be fine.
♥ there are two notable flaws - a missing button for the detachable hood/collar, and some sort of stain(?) on the wool behind the left ear. pictures provided at the end.
♥ original price is 32800 JPY. i paid $185 USD and i'd like offers around that. shipping within the US'll be $10. US customers get priority, but i'll ship international if necessary. CURRENT HIGH BID: $200 + shipping by kiwi_lady! auction will close at 8PM pacific :)
paypal only please! credit card is fine.

thanks!! now on to the fun part!!

stock photos (of the red x white ver., i am selling the black x white ver.)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

more stock photos & offical meta listing for the red x white version here.

my photos
i tried to cover all the bases, and my camera's quality isn't that great, so please understand i can't really furnish any requests for additional/better pictures.

cute heart on the back! ♥


a button fell off. the hood/collar still stay attached even without this button, as there are still 7 other buttons to keep it attached. however, some of the buttons are kind of loose so i definitely recommend someone tightening them. unfortunately, i don't have the button that fell off.

unidentified stain on the part on the wool behind the left ear. it looks like something sticky, but i don't think it is. it's dry to touch and i didn't notice it until i was detaching the hood to take pictures of the fur collar.

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