Victoria (crazisilverange) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS obo and trades

Type your cut contents here.

proof of owner ship

worn once
I've LOST the hair band but I do have the bow

proof of owner ship and scratches

Demonia size 8 (if you are size 7.5 you need 8 there is no half sizes from this brand)
worn maybe 3 times and has been sitting for about a year collecting all the dust
there are some scratches from the shoes rubbing into each other, they are circled in red in the pics
the soles are pratically new the stickers are still there

I accept trades looking for btssb or angelic pretty cut sews in pinks creams and blues I am willing to add money on top!

I only accept paypal
I ship anywhere
once the package leaves my hands I am no longer responsible
I have feed back on loli dbs

Tags: !ds, bodyline

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