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WTB : Baby Bow Hairclips/Tiara + DS : cheap brand and nonbrand items/fabric + Commissions Open =)

WTB : Baby Bow hairclips or tiara in Silver colour.
For the hairclips, just one side only is fine as well ! =)

I'm located in UK and can pay by Paypal or I have tradable items in my journal sweetfm for part trade or direct trade if interested ^^


DS Items

- I accept Paypal / CC / other methods =)
- Will ship internationally. Shipping not included unless stated otherwise.
- Shipping to be calculated based on location.
- Feel free to make offers.
- If there's more than one interest in an item, it will go to the highest offer.

Very sweet and pretty headdress from MAM in pink X white. The chemical lace is an ivory colour though but is really gorgeous. The lace in the middle is one of the best I've ever seen ! Tried on once but that's about it.

Price : 35USD shipped OBO

Red Music Socks
Comfy socks topped with soft lace. Pretty good quality for non-brand ! The print doesn't distort very much either when stretched.
Price : 15USD shipped OBO

Leaflets from Miho Matsuda X and Metamorphose X 2
Price : 5USD OBO

Price : 10USD
Cute brownish beige top with puffed sleeves, detailed yoke and cross-stiching accents. Would fit up to a 102cm bust max approx.

Crown Pendant with Chain - 15USD OBO ON HOLD

Really reluctant to part with this but I haven't worn it at all since getting it ~ Paid a lot for it !!! A really nice crown pendant studded with sparkly gems (one came off but unnoticable). Really really nice !Feel free to ask any questions / make offers !

Gold skull skeleton pin set - 10USD OBO

A seriously seriously cool accessory to liven up almost anything ! Not sure how to describe it but its like two connected pins/brooches of a skull and a skeleton hand. A bad example of how to wear it.

Angora Scarf - offers ? HOLD
Super soft and nice and warm 100% angora scarf. Loathe to part with it but can't be helped T_T Its a really really great scarf.

Strawberry makeup cases thingy (?) Two in a set with a spatula.
Price : 5USD OBO

My Melody/ Sanrio sticker sheet
Price : 2USD OBO

Cute slightly transparent heart and ribbons sticker for phones/etc from Japan. Really nice ! The detail is gorgeous as it has some glitter and slightly 'embossed' appearence.
Price : 6USD OBO

Very sweet strawberry print kitsch makeup bag. Wrong size for me, but could be for you !
Price : 6USD

Cute kitty faces phone pouch XD Drawstring closure and comes with a strap to carry as well.
Price : 10USD OBO


another picture
Great quality polyster mix fabric, suitable for dressmaking and possibly even suits I think. Medium to heavy weight with a slighty shiney sheen to it especially when it catches light. I have 5m of this.
Price : 7USD per meter OBO / 5m for 30USD!



I'm currently open for commissions on items such as alice bows, headdresses, wristcuffs, bags, wallets etc ^^ I could make skirts as well but as I do not have a serger with me atm, I can only offer overlocking and/or lining.

Commissions info / lace / gallery : http://sweetfm.livejournal.com/8776.html
Other works (not all pictured) : http://sweetfm.livejournal.com/5574.html
Alice Bows (pre-made) : http://sweetfm.livejournal.com/7550.html

Prices depend on item / lace / specs but affordable ^^

I have other items at sweetFM

Thanks for viewing ! ^^


Charmmy Kitty Bag
Golden Keychain
Gold Heart Charm
Crab Print Fabric
White Flats w/ Lace

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