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DS: Offbrand Accessories, socks, and fabric

The Rules:  (Please read!)

I only accept Paypal.  Buyer pays fees for CC-paypal.
Prices do not include shipping.  Leave me your zip code for a shipping quote.  
I am not responsible for the package once it leaves my hands. 
US Buyers only please.  sorry :(
Prices are negotiable! 

Hello Kitty Socks  $5

These are white and the design is nice and glittery.  Unfortunately these are too small for my calves.  I recommend these for calves under 10 inches in circumference. 

Marie Antoinette Style Ring $6

The ring is about 2cm in circumference and 1.7 cm in diameter.  I'd say it fits about a ladies size 7, because it's a little big on my size 6.5 finger.  

Disney Locket  $6

Features a cameo of Minnie Mouse :P  No chain included.  The locket opens up to reveal space for two pictures. There are a few black spots on the inside of the locket that were there when I got it, but they're not visible when the locket is closed.  

Cell Phone Charm $8

The little heart is actually a rich purple color.  Shipping is free if you don't mind parcel post and a regular envelope. 

Lavender Fabric $8 (all 4 yards)

The fabric is seersucker.  It is mostly lavender but has pink, peach, violet, blue, and gray stripes.  It's just a little bright for me.  The picture shows its true color.  About 3/4 of a yard from the end, there are the remains of a sticker that refused to come off.  It's only about 3" from the selvage end though.  Fabric is 45" wide.  

Thanks for looking!  Feel free to ask questions!
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