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DS : Moi Même Moitié, Doc Martens, nails, Excalibur skirt (reduced prices)

DS : Moi-même-moitié OP, nails, Doc Martens + reduced price

Terms of the sale :

- I accept Paypal only, both CC et non-CC. If you use CC, you will have to pay the 4% fee.
- Worldwide shipping is included in the price (non-insured shipping). Insured shipping is extra. I'm not responsible for loss or damage if you don't take insured shipping.
- I'd rather not do holds, unless you're a 100% sure of buying the item.
- I'm not interested in trades at the moment.
- I have a cat!! She's not allowed in the bedroom but the fur gets everywhere so...I'll try to brush off as much as I can but be aware of this if you are allergic.
- Items will be hand-washed before being sent to you.

1) Moi-même-moitié OP

This is the perfect EGA one-piece! I love it but I want to buy something else and can't have both >.<... The bodice part is something between cotton and wool (I think?) with velvet prints and the skirt part is velvet. Bought second-hand, worn twice, no sign of wear.

Measurements :

bodice length : 39cm
skirt length : 90cm
waist : 70cm can go smaller because of the corset lacing in the back
bust : 85cm, maybe up to 90 can go smaller because of the corset lacing in the back

Price : 100 euros worldwide shipping included

2) Nails

A gorgeous pair of brand-new 'Rockin' Webs' nails made by </a></font></b></a>bellster</lj> . I'm selling them because unfortunately my nails are too curved :(. So they are brand new out of the box. They will be sold with a sheet of nail stickers.
You can't make out the details very well I guess on the pic, but it's cobwebs with glitter and small gems, really pretty and goes well with punk as well as EGL/EGA.

.Price : 15 euros worldwide shipping included

(In case you were wondering...it's just a bit of water above, and yes I haven't arranged the nails in the right order xD just noticed sorry).

3) Doc Martens boots

The original Doc Martens design, in black. A great basic! I haven't worn them much as they are a bit too big.

Size : EUR 40 / US 10

Price : 50 euros worldwide shipping included (heavy...)

Excalibur Girls EGA skirt!

I realize I never reviewed this skirt, and now I'm selling it...laziness.
I can only highly recommend EG : the craftmanship and the quality of the materials are flawless. Their communication is also excellent. I had impossible issues with the postal services and they were so helpful during the whole process, giving calls and frequently giving me updates. 

The project for this skirt came to me when I saw the Spooky Puppet Circus fabric (hand-printed by an EGL member) for sale here. I decided I wanted to commission an EGA skirt built around the fabric, for stage-wear. And here it is! Three layers of cotton fabric adorned with beautiful rose lace, and a layer of gauze with absinthe-green velvet ribbons. The reason why I'm selling it now is that it's a bit too big for me in the waist and that I have a similar EG skirt I like more. I wore it once on stage for a concert, and that's all! So it's like new.

Measurements :
waist 72cm, partly elasticized so can stretch a couple more cm
length 92cm

Price : 80 euros shipped worldwide

Official Excalibur Girls pictures (copyright reserved) :

My picture :

Feel free to make me reasonable offers. Thanks for looking and any questions welcome..
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