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DS: BABY baby doll sax jsk

- Shipping from Melbourne, Australia
- I use airmail shipping as default, but if you want express or registered please inform me :]
- Please comment with your COUNTRY and what kind of shipping for a shipping estimate.
- I only accept non-cc paypal (no cc or no echeque at all)
- Priority goes to the first person who can pay.
- No trades.
- Please notice that I've got a dog and my mother smokes but I try not to let either near (unless stated)
- My feedback is here
- I am not responsible if the item gets damaged/lost in the mail or if you are charged customs fees (I value as their true price in AUD on customs forms.)
- Please do not contact me by lj message. I'd like to keep all contact in comment form. Messages will be ignored.
- I reserve all rights to not sell to a buyer.

BABY ベビードール (baby doll) jumperskirt in sax blue - $180USD + shipping.
SOLD to strawberryjenna
Rarer colour in the series!
Brought brand new off y!j. Worn once or twice by myself. Excellent condition. Will not come with tags.
It has back shirring, sleeve-strap shirring and it is an empire waisted/baby doll style dress.
It's really gorgeous! It's too bad that I only prefer empire waist in non-lolita on myself. :/

official measurements
bust: 90-102cm
length: 94cm


Thanks for looking.
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright

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