Tasha (spookify) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Direct Sale: Meta, AP, F+F

F+F White Blouse
size: 27 waist, 34/35 bust
price: $45 shipping included
(I can take better pictures, just ask)

Metamorphose Swan Logo Cutsew
size: ? (please ask if you'd like to know, but take note that my measurements are not completely accurate)
price: $50 shipping included

Angelic Pretty Mode Girl Socks *price reduced*  ON HOLD SOLD THANK YOU!
price: $35 shipping included

Rules/things you should know
> paypal only
> because I don't have a car, it might take up to a week for me to get your things shipped
> I do have pets, but they are never in my room. but you should note that it's possible there might be a dog hair on your item
> please add on the 4% fee if you are using cc paypal, I keep having people not pay that and it takes a few dollars that I need out of the payment
> I will ship internationally, but international shipping charges are unfortunately very high and
> The first person to pay gets the item, unless you can make a downpayment on the item to ensure that you'll buy it 


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