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DS: ALGONQUINS one piece(price lowered)SOLD

(um...it would be nice if it actually saved right side up, but you guys get the point D: )

Such a wonderful one piece from ALGONQUINS. I wish it fit me better, but alas :\ I'm not quite sure of the exact measurements off hand, but I'm 5'5'' and it's a touch too short for me to actually wear as a 'one piece'. There is little stretch(cotton material I believe), but can fit up to a 36inch bust, snug-ly of course. I usually paired it up with a pair of leggings or jeans, either way, it's still cute :3 In great used condition
$50 including shipping in the USA

feel free to negotiate prices or international shipping. I have some stuff I need to pay off, so ;A; haha

I can only accept paypal/CC paypal at the moment. I have feedback on ebay under the alias of 'physical_neurose' and I've sold multiple items here on egl before as well. thanks for looking!


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