... (teacup_carousel) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Kamikaze Girls DVD & Sleeping Beauty JSK

For sale is one Kamikaze girls DVD. 

This sale is JUST for the DVD though, the original case being lost in a big rush to move some stuff into storage up in Irvine. It plays just fine and I'll provide a brand new blank DVD case from Circut City for it and a post card advertising the movie when it came out here on limited release in the US that was handed out a few years ago at San Diego Comic Con International. The post card is hard to find - I haven't seen it anywhere else while surfing the web.   Asking 15$

Also a reminder that I have a Sleeping Beauty JSK still up for grabs here priced to go but willing to take lower offers I want this GONE :


Please don't message me about the socks, there's a wait list a mile long for them.

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