toujourspret (toujourspret) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTC: high-waist skirt

I'm looking to price a commission for an underbust/high-waist skirt that I bought the fabric for, but can't finish myself because of too much going on. I've got the buttons, lining, zipper, and the shell fabric, but no thread (which I'd assume a seamstress would have?).

Here's a rough drawing of the design of the skirt:
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It's basically a cotton print with wine-colored flowers on it, with a wine-colored corduroy trim on top and bottom, decorative copper buttons down the front, and a side-entry zip. I'd really like estimates for price as well as time frame, as I'd like to get it soon-ish, like a couple of weeks. I can ship fabric whenever we agree on terms!

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