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Baby, Meta, Off Brand, Closet Child Finds & More!

More clearing out!
Baby Sleeping Beauty Jumper in Pink.
Worn a few times but not given any real wear, measured my bust this morning at 18 inches and it fits me fine. Asking 200 shipped world wide or best offer. 
Red heart jumper from Body Line. Ok, you know when people talk about the occasional glitch in the Body Line matrix where they actually produce something good for a change? This is that blip. The material is surprisingly nice - the hearts are embroidered/woven in rather that just stamped. The back is shirred so it can stretch very nicely - my ruler says 40 inch bust max. Cute heart pockets in the front and wonderful crocheted lace around the hem and bust. Asking 50$ or best offer.
Skirt #1 Another glitch for your enjoyment. Skirt by Body Line - black with small cherry print. Elastic waist and bustle in the back. Asking 32$ plus shipping or best offer
Skirt #2 Another BL, a copy of the pleated skirts AatP was selling a while back. A Japanese size med so US small. Will wit up to a 30 inch waist MAX. Anything beyond this and you might find the skirt a bit more than tight. Asking 9$  Pending!
Meta bonnet. This is really a nice piece for anyone hoping to add to their collection. Rochelle lace and extra ribbons on the side adorn this making it really cute! Can tie below chin or in back for different looks.  Paid 80$ originally and am asking 30$

I also have the following socks for sale  (sorry no pics at the moment) for 8.50 each  originally bought for 15.00 plus tax :
1 pair blue and white stripe socks.  Very nice condition, bought in Harajuku Closet Child.
1 pair pink and white stripe socks. Very nice condition, bought in Harajuku Closet Child.

Ok guys I think there's enough interest in the damn socks quit messaging me about them - and to all of you whom I didn't personally give my email to PLEASE STOP SENDING ME LETTERS ABOUT THEM.
A Note About My Best Offers : How many times have you seen a seller say "or best offer" only to later say "well I was actually hoping to get _______". Well - I DON'T DO THAT. I think its cowardly and makes it harder on those interested in buying. When I say best offer I mean best offer! You submit and if I like then I sell - simple as that.
Fine Print : I ship once a week now due to chaotic apartment moving status. I accept paypal of all flavors including cash and money order. I no longer accept checks since I had one bounce on me for a considerable amount of money. As usual one person ruins something for everyone else. :(

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