Juli (juli_rawks) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Aprons, Plus Sized JSKs + skirts, bags? and old sales

I recently sold some of my older items and am really itching to buy a new JSK. My measurements are 46-37-46 and I'd like to see anything you have that will fit that! If I don't find something here I'll probably get a dress from F+F... I'd really like to see what everyone has though! I'm mainly into sweet lolita but also don't mind classic and other types. I'd like to get some punk loli brand skirts, actually, since a lot seem to fit a lot of sizes and I think punk loli is pretty interesting. Goth is ok too I guess. So if you have punk and goth skirts I'd really like to see them!

Also, I'm still looking for a simple white apron for an event coming up in a couple weeks (the 20th!) so I'd like to see if I can buy one here before commissioning one from ITS or something.

Also, I only own one meta tote (in pink) and a black and pink baby tote, so I really need more! I would like white things (since they go with everything) or possibly black and light blue. I'd also look at purses and such.

My budget for a dress is anywhere from $60-$160 I guess, maybe more if you are willing to partial trade or if I can sell my last jsk that is available. Skirts I'll look too if they are up to $110. Aprons and bags I'd like to see and then decide, haha. Nothing over $50 though :(

Also, I still have one skirt and one jsk available here http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/549506.html so please check it out!

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